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Services & Capabilities

Offering the full range of Market Research Analytics, from Qualitative Analysis to Quantitative Analysis:

To uncover unmet consumer needs & compensatory behaviors

  • Train the team
  • Set up interviews
  • KJ analysis of transcripts
  • Multimedia presentation
Trained the client team and rode with 24 drivers from around the country. Interviewed them, took pictures and videos.

Transcribed the interviews, conducted a KJ analysis session and identified the top ten unmet needs for car interiors.

To quickly test concepts

  • Qual/Quant hybrid
  • Instantaneous
  • Computerized keypads
  • Flexible
Showed 20 new product ideas and prototypes to a target market and ranked them in order of interest. Quantitative results used to drive the follow-up focus group, and designers made changes between sessions to receive instant feedback on the brand new ideas.

To optimize product design, set price, measure cannibalization/sales

  • Highly accurate
  • Predictive model
  • “What-If” spreadsheet results
Helped a publisher set the price and features of a new online textbook product. Showed what both students and professors are willing to pay.

Turn consumer insights
into ideas

  • Facilitation
  • Multitude of tools
  • Concept-writing template
Hosted a brainstorming session within a museum of failed new products, using a variety of simulative approaches. Generated 300 new product ideas.

On-site custom programs

  • “Fuzzy Front End” process
  • “Top 10 VoC Tools”
  • Statistics
  • Ethnography
Went to a company site and gave training on market research and innovation processes. Used the “Top 10 VoC Tools” presentation, customized to the company’s industry.

Totally custom

  • Quick
  • Rank consumer needs
  • Segment markets
  • Test seed concepts against our database
Segmented the market for a business-to-business product, complete with personas of each of the 5 segments. Client is using the results to target new products and also train the sales staff.